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The fast-back horizontal conveyor is matched with the Z-bucket elevator for feeding, which can perfectly realize automatic feeding, so that the material is not damaged, and the height required for safe transportation

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Performance Advantages

1. The hopper is moulded from food grade polypropylene ABS 304#SS food grade material. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, not easy to deform, ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and durability.

2. Z-type bucket elevator can perfectly realize continuous or intermittent conveying and can be matched with other feeding equipment.

3. Independent control box with reserved external port,also can be series with other supporting equipment.

4. Easy to disassemble ,assemble,operate,repair and maintain.NO professional is required.Hopper is easy tp be dismantle to clean the residue, to ensure food safety& hygiene in the food industry.

5.Small space needed and easy to move.

Belt type bucket elevator:Adopting the principle of linear up and down movement of the loading hopper on the belt, the hopper can be driven to lift and dump the material quickly.such as, grains,rice,wheat,etc., beans, soybeans, red beans, et

Widely used in food, beverage, electronics, tobacco and other industries,We can choose a smaller diameter roller to make the corner connection more convenient,perfectly solve the transition problem.

This equipment is suitable for all kinds of streamlined manufacturers,logistics transportation of small and medium-sized items,the power system adopts frequency conversion speed regulation system,Stable performance, safe and reliable, simple operation.The line speed is generally 30 meters per minute.

Optional configuration

1. The hopper can be made of food grade 304# SS or PP, ABS, etc., or can be made of carbon steel. All hand-processed and welded to form, the materials used are strong and reasonable, have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, not easy to deform, durable, stable operation, high and low temperature resistance, and large conveying capacity.

2. It can run at high speed, up to 30m³ per hour, perfect continuous or intermittent automatic conveying and can be matched with other feeding equipment.

3. It can be equipped with independent control operation electric box, expand external control port, can work independently or in series with other supporting equipment, which is convenient and simple.

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