Technical Parameters

Machine name Z-type Belt Bucket Elevator
Model XY-PT35
machine frame #304Stainless steel,painted steel
Conveying tray or food contact material  304#Stainless steel
Hopper capacity Customized
Production capacity 15-30 m³/H
Machine height 1000-6000mm(Can be customized according to customer requirements)
Conveying height 1000-5000MM(Can be customized according to customer requirements)
Voltage  Single-phase, two-phase or three-phase 180-220V, three-phase 350V-450V; 50-90Hz
Power supply 1.5KW(Can be equipped with conveying height)
Packing size L3100mm*W800mm*H*1000mm(Standard 2000 meters high type)
total weightWeight 480KG

Belt inclined conveyor

Belt inclined conveyor

1. Chain board: Food grade PP / Conveyor belt: Food grade PU or PVC.

2. Sprocket drive chain plate, compared with the traditional conveyor belt friction transmission more durable, strong oxidation resistance, no wear; bearing capacity, etc.

3. The design of middle baffle and both sides baffle to lift material and prevent material leakage on both sides.

4. Easy to be assemble and dismantle and conveyor can be easily cleaned and maintain.

5. Perfectly continuously & intermittently transported & equipped with other feeding equipment

6. Large conveying qty & high lifting degree, etc.

7. Automatic feeding and stopping functions are realized through control circuit and level control

 Optional configuration:

1. Body material: 304 stainless steel, carbon steel.

2. Contacting material: SS 304#, Belt material: PU, PVC or PR POM, PE

3. Standard Chain plate: total width: 400mm, effective width: 280mm, skirt height: 100mm, partition height: 75mm,distance: 254mm. Datas can be selected according to the material and qty.

4. Accept customized according to customer's drawings

Vibratory Feeder Series:

Chain board feeder

Biological segmented retaining material is added in the middle of the chain plate, and stainless steel or PP material can be added on both sides as fixed or movable retaining edges. The chain plate rotating feeding rib does not work with the chain plate rotation. Mainly suitable for conveying materials, with outer packaging, small bags of items, bulky bulk, block, packed carton. Such as candies, sausages, fruits, vegetables, chemicals, medicines, cartons, etc. The material can be transported horizontally or turned to the side. It can also be transported to the desired position by tilting or climbing. The chain plate material is pp, pom, pe and a variety of materials for customers to choose, and the chain plate has a beautiful appearance

Increase Stock Bin Independent Vibratory Feeder

An electromagnetically driven vibrating feeder is used to temporarily store material. The product uses the principle of electromagnetic elastic force to drive the power to push the material vibration to the conveying equipment to realize automatic feeding throughout.

Machine name Belt turning machine
Model XY-ZW12
machine frame #304Stainless steel,painted steel
Conveyor chain plate or food contact material PU、PVC、Belt, or304#
Production capacity 30m/m
Machine height 1000(Can be customized according to customer requirements)
Voltage Single-line or three-line180-220V
Power supply 1.0KW(Can be matched with delivery length)
Packing size L1800mm*W800mm*H*1000mm(Standard type)
Weight 160KG

Mechanical Usage



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