Screw conveyor, Xiaolong elevator, powder feeding machine,helical-screw conveyor/automatic feeding of material level tracking

Short Description:

Screw Conveyor Also known as xiaolong Hoist and spiral Blade Ffedet it can upgrade a variety of powder materials.

It can e used with the packaging machine or related equipment to realize of 304 stainless steel.

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Screw conveyor

Automatic feeding of material eve tracking. lt can lso be used other occasions xcept for motor and bearing, the rest are made.

Product use: suitable for conveying non-stick dry powder materials and small amount of mixed wet materials and small granular materials, such as: rice, milk powder salt, soy flour etc. Application: suitable for conveying cohesionless dry powder materials, small amount of wet mixed materials and small particles of materials, such as rice, milk powder salt, soybean powder, etc. Product performance and.

Product Characteristic

1. The feeding machine adopts the main motor feeding for power rotation and rotary vibration motor as the feeding supplementary power, which can be separated separately and can be controled separately, and the external control can be unified.

2. With independent control operation E-box, reserve external control port can work independently or in series with othel supporting equipment, convenient and simple. The delivery volume can be adjusted at any time according to the requirements. The material is not easy to bridge and has strong adaptability to materials;

3. The silo and the conveying pipe are designed to be separated, the structure is reasonable, the loading and unloading is easy, and the transportation is convenient.

4. Unique multi-sealed and dustproof design keeps the bearing away from powder from dust and abrasion.

5. Designed to facilitate the cleaning of residual materials: the spiral can reverse the discharge, the lower end of the material tube has the gate discharge, and the whole spiral can be disassembled, cleaned, installed and maintained in a few simple steps.

6. According to the use environment, material characteristics provide a variety of ways for customers to choose.

Mechanical Usage:


Machine name Screw conveyor
Model XY- LG15
Production capacity 3 m³ /H   5 m³ /H   7 m³ /H   12 m³ /H
Pipe Dia. ø114mm   ø141mm   ø159mm   ø219mm
Power supply 0.81KW   1.56KW   1.56KW   2.2KW
Machine structure

#304 Stainless steel

Hopper volume



Single-phase, two-phase or three-phase 180-220V, three-phase 350V-450V,50-90Hz

Angle of incline

45degreefor standard,it can customeried for 30 or 60 degrees.

Discharge height

2200mm standard, others available

Hopper type
Package size
Machine weight 130KG / 180KG / 230KG / 270KG


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