Granular food packaging system is an automatic equipment system specially used for packaging granular food

It includes the following main components:

Granule conveying system: used to convey the granular food to be packaged from the storage bin or production line to the packaging machine. This can be achieved by means of conveyor belts, vibrating conveyors, pneumatic conveying, etc.

Weighing and metering system: Accurately weigh and measure granular food according to packaging requirements to ensure packaging accuracy and consistency. This can use equipment such as multi-head weighing machines, single-head weighing machines, and measuring cups.

Packing machine: Fill the granular food that has been accurately weighed into the packaging bag or container. Different types of packaging machines can be selected according to needs, such as vertical packaging machines, horizontal packaging machines, etc.


Sealing machine: Seal, code, cut and other processes for the filled granular food packaging bags to ensure the sealing and aesthetics of the packaging bags. The sealing machine can adopt heat sealing, cold sealing, or automatic or semi-automatic sealing.

Inspection system: Carry out quality inspection on packaged granular food, such as metal inspection, vacuum inspection, weight inspection, etc., to ensure product quality.

Conveying and packaging line: Conveyor belts, conveyors, turntables and other equipment can be used to transport the packaged granular food from the packaging machine to the next process or packaging box.

Control system: including automatic control, touch screen operation interface, PLC program control, etc., used to monitor and control the operation and parameter setting of the entire packaging system.

The advantages of the granular food packaging system include improving packaging efficiency, reducing the manual work of packaging workers, reducing packaging costs, ensuring product quality and hygiene safety, etc. It is widely used in the packaging industry of granular food, such as potato chips, nuts, candies, small twists, etc.

Post time: Jul-22-2023